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Egg conveyors
Egg conveyors
Equipment for egg production is very varied: breeding of layers on the ground with nests, batteries of cages for laying hens, aviaries etc....

The mechanization of the collection of the eggs is often integrated into these facilities, and eggs are automatically brought to the end of batteries or to the output of nests by eggs' strips or belts.

Then operations of mirage, calibration, marking and packaging are also more often performed on automatic machines see robots (palletizing).
LUBING egg conveyors allow to transport eggs safely and without human intervention, from outputs of breeding houses to the production machines (conveyors' capacities: 15,000 to more than 90,000 eggs/hour).
Whether a machine positioned a few meters of livestock, to treat a few thousand eggs per day, or a storage and packaging centre far from several kilometers, dealing with several million eggs daily, LUBING studies, designs and produces its conveyors for eggs on demand and for each project.