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Misting systems
Misting systems
The principle of the mist is widely used in farming: the dissemination of a mist of cool water, as very fine droplets suspended in the air, allows heat exchange between water and air :
  • evaporation and moistening of the air
  • cooling of the air,
  • Misting systems become very useful tools for the management of the atmosphere in livestock buildings especially when heat strokes.
  • In addition to the mastery of the atmosphere (cooling and humidification), misting systems (high pressure) offer other features:
  • soaking of the buildings for easy cleaning
  • dust suppression
  • disinfection by incorporation of chemicals.
  • There are even some cases where the system is used for pulmonary vaccination.
LUBING equipment fit all sizes of rooms or buildings as well as to all environments : from the small portable fogger to the industrial lines with over 350 high pressure nozzles, LUBING offers a suitable solution for each project.